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Direct One-on-One Personalized Assistance
 is offered to walk-in Latino clients, including case management, translation, interpretation, referrals and resources. We provide access to community agencies and services, and engender respect for the laws, customs and regulations of the U.S. The client ultimately decides what action to take.

Translations and Interpretation are offered to facilitate communication when language is a barrier. These include interpretations at local businesses for staff meeting, and one-on-one employee/employer situation. The most common written translations are vital records, fliers, letters, school transcripts, etc. 

Cultural Events 
Community-oriented celebrations include Día de Reyes, Cinco de Mayo, Mexican Independence Day, and Day of the Dead. These events promote integration, instill pride, and foster self-esteem by encouraging Latinos to share their heritage.


Free Tax Preparation Program

One of the core goals is to engender respect for the law. We provide free tax preparation and filing to facilitate compliance with the tax laws by Latinos. At the same time it enables successful adjustment of Latinos to American culture. It is part of the American society and cultural values file income taxes every year. While this is true for the U.S., it is not true for other countries in Latin America, and filing taxes requires a significant adjustment for immigrants.

The tax assistance program is offered in collaboration with Teton County Library (TCL), to anybody that is income eligible ($68,000 and lower). Individuals can choose three methods to get their taxes prepared. On-site, drop off, or to do it themselves online with someone to answer questions. Last year this program served 300 families and brought back $275,000 to our community


 LITC (Low Income Taxpayer Clinic)

We provide free tax education to teach English as a Second Language (ESL) individuals about their rights and responsibilities as taxpayers. The program also has the objective to identify and advocate for issues that impact low income taxpayers. 

This program enables the successful adjustment of Latinos to American culture since the way the tax system is embedded in the American culture is significantly different than in other countries.

We offer year-round, free tax education through one-on-one consultation, tax outreach at all our events, educational tax presentations during the tax season, educational presentations given to clients waiting for free tax preparation services, access to a tax library, and tax information to LRC walk-in clients.



Cuenta Conmigo fosters empowerment and leadership among Latino youth and their families. It is a new program for LRC. Participants are Latino teens, first or second generation, boys and girls, ages 12 to 18 and their parents. A series of week-long Spanish language camps cover aspects like communications, self-perception, impact of culture on self-esteem, educational planning and goal setting. Camps are followed by bi-monthly meetings. Parents also meet once a month.




In this new program, Latino entrepreneurs participate in a combination of workshops and one-on-one consultations to enhance their business capabilities and develop their business confidence. Participants are introduced to local organizations and invited to participate in community business events. A set of recommendations specific to their business and/or situation is created as part of the program.